M O R N I N G   R I T U A L   B U N D L E  The breakfast kit to keep you balanced


'Spiced Adaptogen Chai' BOTANICAL SYRUP, 8 fl oz - DIGESTION + IMMUNE SUPPORT.   A flavorful daily wellness dose of invigorating spices and adaptogenic herbs that help to alleviate mild stress, boost your mood, support optimal digestion, and improve focus for your morning routine


'Root to Flower' HERBAL TEA 1.5 oz  - Nervous System & Digestion Support. Named after the fact that this tea blend contains herbs representing all parts of a plant, from root to rhisome to bark to leaf to flower. Starring organic oatstraw and milky oat tops, shredded cinnamon bark, marshmallow root, rose petals, and spearmint. Grounding + uplifting + nourishing + hydrating = a great solution for summer burnout, fall frazzles, or winter blues.


'Fruits of Fall' PLANT-POWERED GRANOLA, 8 oz - A grounding addition to your morning routine, this medicinal granola is formulated with a blend of gluten free oats, berries, herbs + mushrooms. Featuring antioxidant rich cacao nibs, hawthorn berries + rose hips, as well as warming cinnamon + cardamom, this product is lightly toasted with Goldridge Farms organic olive oil + fuji apple syrup! Enjoy on its own, with warmed milk, atop your next yogurt parfait, or soaked overnight.


Morning Ritual Bundle