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'Spiced Adaptogen Chai' HERBAL TEA CONCENTRATE, 8 fl oz - DIGESTION + IMMUNE SUPPORT.   A flavorful daily wellness dose of invigorating spices and adaptogenic herbs that help to alleviate mild stress, boost your mood, support optimal digestion, and improve focus for your morning routine.


Ingredients: Filtered water, Local honey, Organic lemon juice, Local reishi mushroom, Organic ashwaganda root, Organic astragalus root, Organic rooibos tea leaves, Organic eleuthero root, Organic ginger rhizome, Organic cinnamon bark, Organic Cardamom pods, Organic orange peel, Organic fennel seed, Organic black peppercorn, Organic clove, Organic star anise.


Adaptogen Rooibos Chai

  • The following locations are now available to pick up your monthly wellness box! Stay tuned for available pick up days and times. See below for options:

    Land + Local Farmstay, Healdsburg, CA

  • Shipping is available within the continental US for an additonal $12.95.