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"Rose Petal Za'atar" SEED + SPICE MIX 2oz - Digestion & Immune Support. The inclusion of three different kinds of rose petals, along with schisandra berries and rosehips have given this traditional Middle Eastern spice blend a more medicinal twist! Blended with organic oregano and thyme from Oshala Farm, toasted local, organic sesame seeds (!!) from Full Belly Farm, atlantic grey salt, and organic nettles, use this seed + spice mix to elevate your avocado toast, egg bowl, braised chicken thighs, or sprinkle on to vegetable crudité, hummus, and pita! the applications are endless.


Ingredients: Organic sesame seeds, Organic oregano herb, Organic thyme herb, Organic nettles, Organic shisandra berries, Organic Rosehips, Organic Rose Petals, Atlantic Grey Salt

Mélange de graines de za'atar aux pétales de rose


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