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Strawberry Chamomile SEASONAL SHRUB, 8 oz - A sweet and tangy cocktail syrup inspired by companion plants in our Farmstay garden. An organic, local apple cider vinegar infusion of organic strawberries macerated with chamomile from our farmstay garden, organic lemon verbena from Preston Farms, and organic milky oat tops from Oshala Farms, sweetened with organic cane sugar. This shrub serves as a hydrating and restorative addition to your next spritz or cocktail. Consider adding a pinch of our Leaves + Flowers herbal cocktail salt for a complete electrolytic beverage when added to sparkling water.


Ingredients: Organic apple cider vinegar, Organic strawberries, Organic cane sugar, Filtered water, Homegrown chamomile, Organic lemon verbena, Organic milky oat tops.


Made it part with local farmers + purveyors: Stony Point Strawberries, Preston Farms, Nana Mae's Organics, Oshala Farm.

Strawberry Chamomile Shrub

  • The following locations are now available for pick-up :

    Land + Local Farmstay, Healdsburg, CA

  • Shipping is available within the continental US for an additonal $12.95. 

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