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Food Delivery & Meal Drop-0ff

One time meal drop-offs available for those looking for a health supportive, casual, & contactless delivery option for their vacation stay, corporate gathering or private dinner. 


Weekly & bi-weekly drop offs are also available in the Sonoma County & Marin areas for those looking for a consistent delivery of seasonal, local, organic meals made in mind for you to heat up, combine, and enjoy in minutes. Dishes & sauces are made to be mixed and matched throughout the week.

Sample weekly drop off menu

Fresh baked sourdough bread

Seasonal crudité | preserved lemon tahini dip

French lentil daal | local mushrooms | salted yogurt

Creamy cauliflower soup | chopped herbs

Butternut rugosa + chickpea tagine

Polenta cakes | romanesco | caramelized onion

Herbed farro

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